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Board of directors

Job openings

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Board of directors


Christopher Abbruzzese
Double Z Land and Livestock

Colleen McCormick
Community Concepts

Donald Hinkley
Norway Savings Bank

Megan Parks

Georgia Koch
Episcopal Diocese of Maine

Sean Doyle
Cross Insurance

Keith Smaldon
Brady Risk New England

Timothy Kenlan
Berman & Simmons

Left to right: Colleen McCormick, Donald Hinkley, Megan Parks

Sponsor a Meal

Give the gift of food. Sponsor a day, week, or even a month of meals in the soup kitchen. Pick your date and receive an invite to help serve and a report on your day. Great gift idea!

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Heating Fund

Maine winters are long and brutally cold. The Jubilee Center’s Day Shelter provides warmth, safety, and hope to those with nowhere else to turn, as blizzards hit our city. Warm coats, hats...

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What We Do

Our programs are designed to address unmet needs of underserved people. Learn more about Meals Program, Food Pantry, Day Shelter, Resource Center, Refugee Integration Program...

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Financial contributions are greatly appreciated. Our Center runs on a small budget and any and all gifts make a big impact. Jubilee Center programs are able to buy supplies such as food...

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Job openings

The Full Time Kitchen Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator cooks lunch every day, trains and supervises volunteers, keeps records, and helps people find housing and jobs.

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