Covid-19 Response: Updates and Needs

Help us help our community!

All 5 of our programs have remained open throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. All food (meals and groceries) is now distributed outdoors in our courtyard. Help with resume-writing, job applications, housing forms, and other paperwork is now done by phone. If you need papers filled out, copied, or faxed please bring them to our door. If you need supplies like toiletries or winter gear we will bring them to you at the door. People using our shelter are the only guests allowed into the building. If you are dropping off donations please knock but do not enter the building. Many of our clients are elderly and we are being very careful to prevent any exposure that could harm one of our guests or cause us to close temporarily and not be able to provide food and shelter. Thank you for your understanding!

Donate supplies online: check out our wishlists!

Program Updates:

Click each program’s link for more detailed information!

Soup Kitchen

All Soup Kitchen meals are now “to-go” only. Please line up in the courtyard and meals will be brought out from 11:00-11:30 Monday-Saturday. Each person coming to the Soup Kitchen may pick up for a second person if they have a spouse, child, neighbor, or friend unable to come in. You may come for a meal every day, no sign-up required.

Food Pantry

All Food Pantry distributions are now done in the courtyard. We open at 7:45 on Thursday mornings and close at 10:30 to make space for the Soup Kitchen lunch distribution. There is a short sign-up form to complete on your first day. Each person coming to the Food Pantry may pick up for two households (most people pick up their own household’s food and a second bag of food for a neighbor, relative, or friend who is signed up but cannot come in). See our Food Pantry page for more info on diapers. You may come to the Food Pantry every week. 

Day Shelter

Our Shelter hours expanded during the pandemic and we are now open 7:30-3:00 Monday-Saturday for people who are homeless and have no where else to go. The Shelter is walk-in and no sign-up is needed. There is a health screening before entry and masks are required. 

Resource Center

Our office phone is available for people using our shelter and a cell phone has been purchased for use in the courtyard by non-homeless people who still need to make necessary phone calls to work, case managers, the VA, medical providers, or other service providers. Mail, toiletries, and winter gear can be requested at the door. Documents to be scanned, copied, or faxed can be brought to the door. Our office is not doing in-person appointments at this time. If you need assistance with a job application, housing application, or other paperwork please call our office (782-5700) and we will work with you to complete these applications remotely.

Refugee Integration Program

Our office is not doing in-person appointments at this time. If you need assistance with a job application, housing application, or other paperwork please call our office (782-5700) and we will work with you to complete these applications remotely.

Donations Needed!

We serve 100+ plates of food each day and our supply needs continue to change. Please see our Walmart and Amazon wishlists above and our list below: 

  • 32-ounce to-go containers (new)
  • Individually-packaged snacks (chips, granola bars, pretzels, etc.)
  • Soup containers with lids (new)
  • Bleach
  • Fluff and jelly (all set on peanut butter) 


You are welcome to ship items directly to us or drop them off (please do not come inside, we will come out to you). Our shipping address is 247 Bates Street, Lewiston, ME 04240. We cannot receive donations of expired or moldy food items: these actually cost us money as we have to pay for trash and compost removal.

Please see our Contribute page for a full list of additional household goods, winter gear, and toiletry items needed and accepted!

Volunteer needs

We receive a carload of grocery store donations every day and we are in need of volunteers to bag up this food so that we can hand it out to our Soup Kitchen guests when they pick up their lunches. We need volunteers Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9:00-10:30. Volunteers must commit to a weekly shift (every Monday, for example). To sign up or learn more please click here to visit our Volunteer page!

Thank You!

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