Food Pantry

Groceries, diapers, and hope

The Food Pantry is open every Thursday morning. More than 100 households are served each week, mostly working families as well as elderly people and homeless people. We distribute thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables and have recently increased the amount of food provided each week, adding meats and non-meat proteins like eggs and cheese. We also distribute 4,000 diapers every month. Donations of diapers are always needed and appreciated. Children’s books and toys are also distributed when they are donated. 

The pantry opens at 7:45 on Thursdays and closes at 10:45. Patrons can receive food every week and diapers once a month. Groceries are distributed in the courtyard during warmer weather and indoors during the winter. Anyone in need is welcome and there is a short sign-up form on your first day. If you would like to receive diapers please bring proof that you have a child under 48 months in your household, such as a DHHS statement or lease and proof of the child’s birthdate, such as a MaineCare card or birth certificate.

Each person coming to the Food Pantry may pick up for two households (most people pick up their own household’s food and a second bag of food for a neighbor, relative, or friend who is signed up but cannot come in). 

Please, donate today: Just $5 provides food for a family for a week!