Soup Kitchen

Healthy, filling meals, served daily

The Meals Program serves a to-go lunch Monday-Saturday at 11:00. We serve 100-200 plates each meal to men, women, and children who are hungry, often as a result of homelessness, mental illness, or disability. There is no sign-up required: anyone in need can simply come get in line.

Recent menu items have included chicken pot pie, Spanish rice with kielbasa, pasta salad, buffalo chicken bites, taco soup, shepherd’s pie, and macaroni and cheese.

Food Rescue Project

Part of our Meals Program, the Food Rescue Project brings together local food providers interested in donating leftover food to those in need. This food would otherwise be thrown away and instead goes to feed hungry families. Currently Bates College donates excess food from their daily meals and Hannaford Supermarket donates about-to-expire bakery, meat, deli, bread, and produce items. This food is either used in daily meals or distributed directly to those in need.

We also accept donations from restaurants, summer camps, and events – foods prepared in a commercial kitchen. Any food scraps from Trinity are collected and donated to a local pig farmer or composted. A team of volunteers picks up Food Rescue Project donations more than 15 times each week. 

 Interested in volunteering for food pickups?  

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